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If you want to live or work in Indonesia, you must have a work permit, and a KITAS (Kartu Izin Tinggal Sementara) called the Temporary Stay Permit Card. Work permits and KITAS are legal documents that allow you to work and stay temporarily in Indonesia. You must receive a work permit to work in Indonesia. After that, you need a KITAS to get a temporary residency permit. Therefore, Mediamaz Work offers services to assist with the process of obtaining your work permit and KITAS. Contact us for further information.

Get a Work Permit/KITAS

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Temporary work permits are given to people who will work in Indonesia for a certain period of time. Usually, this permit is given to foreign employees who are hired in Indonesia. The characteristic of this permit is temporary, so you need to extend the permit if you want to work in Indonesia for a long period. Mediamaz Work provides a service that can help you to get a Temporary Work Permit. Contact us for further information.

Permanent Work Permit is given to people who will work in Indonesia permanently. This type of permit is made by a company who hired the foreign employee that will work in Indonesia for a long period. You will need this permit if you want to expand your business in Indonesia. Mediamaz Work will help you to get this permit in an easy way.

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Besides Temporary and Permanent Work Permit, some country enforce Open Work Permit usually given to freelancers who work in Indonesia and are not specific in certain jobs. Mediamaz Work give you solution for your needs if you want to have this permit.

The process getting work permit

Talk to our experts about your needs to create the work permit

Provide us with all the documents required for making the work permit

We ensure your submitted documents are aligned with the latest regulations

We will process your needs about work permit that you want to create

  • Shareholders can be both individuals and corporations. Depending on your business classification there might be a limit to the maximum foreign ownership.
  • The capital is expected to be transferred to your corporate bank account after company registration is completed. Some industries have higher capital requirement.
  • Directors and commissioners can but don’t have to be shareholders. The director is responsible for the operations of the company while the commissioner oversees the work of commissioners.
  • Your company must use a registered address that is in a commercial building which can be provided by Emerhub.
  • Minimum investment should be above IDR,- (ten billion Indonesian Rupiah) or equivalent to current exchange rate. It doesn’t include the value of land and buildings owned by the company
  • Minimum paid up capital should be IDR 2.500.000.000,- (two and a half billion Indonesia Rupiah)
  • Should be owned by minimum 2 parties, either individual or corporate
  • All banking transactions such as capital injection, administration of loans, payment of capital equipment, material, etc.) of PT PMA has to be transacted through bank account in Indonesia

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The KITAS work permit (C312) is valid for one year and can be extended. There are two types of Investor Work Permit (KITAS), namely one-year investor Work Permit (KITAS) (C313) and two-year investor Work Permit (KITAS) (C314). Both of these are also extendable.

Your passport have to be valid for at least 18 months for making a year KITAS (Work Permit) and 30 months for making two years KITAS (Work Permit).

Unfortunately you can not work in another city and you are only allowed to work in the city you registered for.

You can apply for a Work Permit (KITAS) extension no later than 3 (three) months or 14 (fourteen) days before your Work Permit (KITAS) expires, and no later than 1 (one) working day before your work permit expires.

For the process, you can see below:

  • Applying for an Extension to the Immigration Office.
  • Obtaining the Approval of the Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.
  • Obtaining Approval from the Director General of Immigration

For an easier way, you only need to use the Mediamaz Work KITAS (Work Permit) making service.

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