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Whether obtaining a single-entry or multiple-entry business visa in Indonesia, you will need a sponsor and many documents to go through a cumbersome application process. Avoid any hassles by engaging with an experienced visa agent in Indonesia.

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Business Visa is a type of visit Visa for Foreign Citizens (WNA) for business or commercial purposes for a long period of time. With this Business Visa, a foreigner has permission to attend conferences, training, and seminars to broaden his horizons in the destination country. In addition, meeting with suppliers and distributors, creating representative offices, holding business meetings, and other business activities. Get your Business Visa immediately with Mediamaz Work help.

Visa On Arrival (VOA) is granted to Foreign Citizens (WNA) who intend to visit Indonesia in the context of tourism, socio-cultural visits, business visits, or government assignments. Visa On Arrival is given by Immigration Officials to foreign who meet the requirements, upon arrival in Indonesian territory through certain immigration checkpoints. With Mediamaz Work service, you can get your Visa On Arrival.

This visa is valid for those who will visit Indonesia for the purpose of official government activities, tourism, socio-cultural activities, sports, business and commercial activities, family visits, journalistic activities, or transit. Please note that this visa is not valid for paid work purposes. This Visa allows someone to stay in Indonesia within 60 (sixty) days. Mediamaz Work will help you to get your Single Visit Visa and you will feel comfortable exploring Indonesia.

Multiple Visit Visa is a visa that allows the owner to enter a country many times and can stay up to 1 (one) year. Multiple Visit Visa is issued based on a previous permit (immigration permit) from the Directorate General of Immigration submitted by the sponsor in Indonesia. You can use Mediamaz Work services to help you to get a Multiple Visit Visa.

Indonesia Spouse Visa is a temporary resident visa which is valid for (1) one year and can be extended. If you are someone who is married to an Indonesian citizen, you should definitely have an Indonesia Spouse Visa and this will make it easier for you to enter Indonesia as a spouse by an Indonesian, and to get this Visa, you need to have a legal marriage certificate. You do not have to worry, with the presence of Mediamaz Work near you, we will help you to get an Indonesia Spouse Visa for your loved one.

Social Visa is the visa that you will need if you are going to come to Indonesia to visit your family, friends, or relatives, and exchange social, cultural, and also education. Foreigners who choose to stay in Indonesia for more than 30 days, and therefore exceed the maximum limit for the visa-free period, should consider applying for a social visa, and the holder of this visa is not allowed to carry out business activities in Indonesia. Mediamaz Work here to help you get a Social Visa to meet your family and support your education.

Dependent Visa are granted to spouses and children of foreign residents living in Indonesia. The dependent visa is tied to a special long-term visa for spouse or parents. In Indonesia, even if you already have a KITAS or Work Permit, you still have to need a Dependent Visa to be able to bring your family to Indonesia. Get advice and your Dependent Visa from experienced talent at Mediamaz Work.

The Process to Get Business Visa

Talk to our experts about your needs to create Business Visa

Provide us with all the documents required for Business Visa making

We ensure your submitted documents are aligned with the latest regulations

We will process your needs about Business Visa that you want to create

  • A copy of the passport.
  • Visa application form.
  • Recent color passport photograph (size 3x4cm or 4x6cm, white background).
  • A copy of the ID page from the passport.
  • Valid visa.
  • A round-trip ticket.
  • Bank statement.
  • Invitation from the company.
  • Business visa cover letter

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Unfortunately no. Business Visa is only used for business purposes, such as business visits, business meetings, seminars, and other business visits.

For Business VISA, you need a company that has legally registered in Indonesia and the sponsor must be an Indonesian citizen or entity, and Mediamaz Work provides VISA sponsorship service to help you.

Easy or difficult depending on the country you come from and for Indonesia itself, it has prohibited countries, among others; Afghanistan, Guinea, Israel, Niger, Nigeria and Somalia. Citizens of those countries will have a high probability that their application for a VISA will be rejected.

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