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Since 1998, Mediamaz Work has been one of the Mediamaz group’s business units. Mediamaz Work provides translator and interpreter services. A translator is a person who translates language with the written word and takes time to translate a text, while an interpreter is a person who translates language with spoken words. Usually, an interpreter is required when there are foreign speakers. Mediamaz TS is the best choice for your language translation solution because we have 20 years experience in translation in many languages. We provide sworn translators, professional translators, and experienced interpreters on our team.

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One of Mediamaz TS’s services is sworn translation. A sworn translator is a translator who has passed the government’s standard test and received a Governor’s Decree by Staatsblad 1859 regulation number 69 regarding the oath of translators, as well as ministerial regulation number 29 of 2016. The function of a sworn translator is to provide a legal basis for the results of a translation to ensure their accuracy and authenticity.
Mediamaz TS provides sworn professional translator service with 500 professional translators. We have registered with the Ministry of Setra HPI and are ready to help legalize important documents for notaries, ambassadors, or related ministerial agencies. We provide other language experts, such as Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese.
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Interpreter services are oral or direct translation services from translators to listeners or other people. An interpreter is a translator who is in charge of translating someone’s words. Interpreters are tasked with translating languages that help smooth communication in two languages directly, not with text. Mediamaz Translation Service has a team of 20 professional interpreters.

The process of translating and interpreting language

Talk to our experts about your translation needs.

Provide us with all the documents required for the translation process.

We ensure your submitted documents are aligned with the latest regulations.

We process your needs based on translation. 

  • Shareholders can be both individuals and corporations. Depending on your business classification there might be a limit to the maximum foreign ownership.
  • The capital is expected to be transferred to your corporate bank account after company registration is completed. Some industries have higher capital requirement.
  • Directors and commissioners can but don’t have to be shareholders. The director is responsible for the operations of the company while the commissioner oversees the work of commissioners.
  • Your company must use a registered address that is in a commercial building which can be provided by Emerhub.
  • Minimum investment should be above IDR,- (ten billion Indonesian Rupiah) or equivalent to current exchange rate. It doesn’t include the value of land and buildings owned by the company
  • Minimum paid up capital should be IDR 2.500.000.000,- (two and a half billion Indonesia Rupiah)
  • Should be owned by minimum 2 parties, either individual or corporate
  • All banking transactions such as capital injection, administration of loans, payment of capital equipment, material, etc.) of PT PMA has to be transacted through bank account in Indonesia

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You just have to call our marketing number (0821-2333-5003) and our staff will give you a price for you to pay, and you have to send us your document, such as what language that you want to translate or what interpreter that you need to help you, then you will get your translation result or your interpreter.tion.

Yes. We provide sworn translators for those of you who need translation related to official letters.

Yes, because our sworn translator partners have been registered with foreign ministries, institutions and embassies of the Republic of Indonesia and can also be used for the purposes of foreign governments.

For the price we usually depend on the number of documents, but usually the price given starts from IDR70,000

Estimated processing time depends on the number of documents. For regular services, the process takes around 2-3 working days, but if you need a faster service, you can use the Express service.

You do not have to pay the additional fee again for revision, except if the Hard Copy document has been sent and more than 14 hours.

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