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Are you looking for an outsourcing company in Indonesia? We have the solution for you. Mediamaz Work is a leading outsourcing company in Indonesia that provides professional and experienced talents to help your business. With Mediamaz Work outsourcing company, you can entrust outsourcing to our company, because we only hire the best talents to guarantee your satisfaction.

  • Consultation – Consult your problem to our staff about the outsourcing talent that you need for your company in Indonesia.
  • Collecting required documents – Provide us with the necessary documents so that we can provide the best talent.
  • Document review – We will check and ensure that your documents comply with the requirements for finding the best outsourcing talent in our company for your business.
  • Finishing – Mediamaz Work will help you to find the superior outsourcing talent in our company just for you.

Mediamaz Work is ready to help you with the best and professional talent in our company for your business outsourcing problems.

Customer comfort and satisfaction is our top priority. Talk to us about everything you need to find the best talent to help your business.

With Mediamaz Work company help, you can get outsourcing talent to help your business in Indonesia.

Talk to us about your company’s outsourcing needs, and we will be ready to help you until you find the best talent in our company.

  • Best Service – We hold the belief that customer satisfaction is our main goal, we will assist you in professional ways in finding talents for your business in Indonesia.
  • 24/7 Stand By – You do not have to wait for a long time for just a response, because our marketing team is ready to assist you all the time.
  • Best Price – Even though the talent that will help you is an expert talent, Mediamaz Work will offer you an attractive price offer.
  • Service Guarantee – Professional talent at Mediamaz Work outsourcing company will provide the best talent just for you.
  • One Stop Solution Service – With just one consultation, you will get a solution to your problem related to outsourcing translation.
  • We Are Specialist – Looking for talent that will help you in finding a talent to help your company with outsourcing problems? We’re the experts! Mediamaz Work consists of professional talents and will be suitable for those of you who are looking for a talent for your company.
  • Our DNA is Integrity – When you use the talents we have, you may receive excellent service at the best price.
  • Save Your Time – You do not need to waste your time to get a non-professional outsourcing translator, you can come to Mediamaz Work to find the best outsourcing talent  in Indonesia in no time.
  • Accounting & Finance – Prepare financial accounting information for the company.
  • Banking & Financial Service – Expert in customer service, bookkeeping, and financial report preparation for banks.
  • General Management – Organize the levels of the company’s functional management.
  • Human Resources – Recruit and manage the company’s human resource relations.
  • Tech & Transformation – Digital tools are used to organize and analyze data.
  • Legal – Supervise and regulate company law.
  • Marketing – Develop sales-boosting policies.
  • Sales – Sell company products or services.
  • Supply Chain, Procurement & Manufacturing – Organize the inbound and outbound movement of products and services.

Assist you in the formation of your own foreign-owned company in Indonesia, including the company registration process.

Helping you to get a business license and registration permit required by the government.

Assist in completing the required documents and applying for trade patents to the government easily and quickly.

Assist in the translation of business documents into more than 24 different languages according to your needs.

Assist in the recruitment of superior and experienced linguists and relevant qualifications.

Provide you with support and advice on human resource needs and to help your company grow in the future.

Assist you in recruiting the best workforce and consulting services.

Assisting you in your job search at your dream company.

Assist with the processing of work permits and visas in Indonesia.

Assist foreigners in obtaining business visas in Indonesia.

The benefits obtained from outsourcing are being able to provide personnel who have above average competencies and abilities that meet the classification expected by the company and contribute according to the existing strategy within the company.

Jobs that an outsourced service can help with are customer service, web chat, payroll, accounting, lead generation, web design, marketing and so on.

Of course not. You still have the right to be able to ensure that the team assigned to your service has sufficient experience and knowledge and will complete the task according to your company standards.

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